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What is everyday sexy?

Everyday Sexy is an educational platform for women with a simple but surprisingly radical premise:

The key to a woman having a fulfilling sex life is the relationship she has with HERSELF.

So often when we struggle with a sexual challenge, we think the solution lies with SOMEONE ELSE. Single? Get a date. Partnered? Time for couple's work!

Here at Everyday Sexy, we believe that

  • women, as individuals, need space to articulate what they want and need from their sexuality
  • women deserve practical, accessible education in how to cultivate their sexuality as an individual - partners come and go (wink), but our sexuality stays with us for life
  • sexual power, when cultivated and used appropriately, is a beautiful and sacred force for good in the world.

Sound good? Want to get started right now?!

SIGN UP below to stay connected to the ever-growing well of Everyday Sexy goodness! Simply an informational website now, there's a book in the works and plans for audio meditations, workbooks, videos, and other fun goodies to help you learn this material. Contact me for information about bringing Everyday Sexy to your event or women's group.

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