My V Matters is a blog and website that honestly discusses the challenges of chronic vulvo-vaginal pain in an optimistic and hopeful setting. Except we sassy ladies call it "v pain," because people tend to lower their voice and whisper when saying "vulvo-vaginal," and ya know, we like to give women the tools to talk loud and proud - while still acknowledging the reality of where we are at as a society. (Shhh! It's a body part! The lady kind!)

I founded the blog and resource site in 2014 to mark the ten year anniversary of my vulvodynia diagnosis, a chronic pelvic pain disorder. Having improved my health so much, I wished to pay it forward and help others. In July 2015 I re-christened it as My V Matters, to provide a more memorable and empowering title. 

After writing for a year and a half, I am happily bringing on a new, wonderful writer to provide a different perspective on this topic. Her posts will begin appearing sometime in the summer of 2016.

One day, I hope that this blog will be a great community resource, and an important part of the change we need in this world, to bring the many women suffering from v pain out of the shadows and into compassionate community. I hope to not only feature the new writer, but many other voices as well.

Once upon a time breast cancer, domestic violence, post-partum depression, and many other women's health issues were taboo and brushed under the rug. Just as bringing them into the light has brought so much healing to so many women (and men!), I believe that chronic v pain - which affects 10-28% of the adult female population at some point during their lives based on recent research - is the next frontier in women's health.