Testimonials from Yoga Students

"You gotta have Faith! As a newbie I had a lot of nerves before walking into my first Faith class. Her gentle voice and encouraging words immediately put me at ease. Most importantly I simultaneously felt incredibly strong while also feeling my soul and body challenged. I always leave her classes feeling stronger and lighter. Thank you for sharing your gift!!"

- Dustyn "Dusty" Baker


"Faith is instructional yet spiritual. She encourages you to get to know your body and challenge it in ways uniquely to you."

- L1/2 Vinyasa student


"Faith knows how to break movements into small, simple bits and provides much-needed reminders/cues to honor your body."

- Lisa B.


"I find Faith's classes very helpful, with some original ideas you don't find elsewhere in a nice personable atmosphere."

- Lachlan W.


"I have known Faith for several years, mostly as my weekly yoga teacher, but also as co-students and bodywork practitioners working together in a small program. She brings an impressive combination of dedication and empathy to everything she does. She works hard and excels at tasks great and small. She is a joy to learn from and work with, because she is compassionate, detail oriented, and consistently upbeat. Even in larger classes, students receive individual attention: her excellent interpersonal skills enable her to provide opportunities for everyone to work with their strengths, and to be sensitive to everyone's individual needs. It is possible to teach yoga without putting a great deal of thought into each class; it is not possible, however, to be as good as Faith is without putting care, planning, and her own life experiences into every class."

- J. J.


"Faith's V Pain Yoga class sheds light on a much-needed topic in women's health. Her class is filled with information and resources which complement the yoga practice. She creates an intelligent and safe space to work on mind and body. Faith is smart, generous, and informative and I'm very glad I had the opportunity to work with her."

- L., Yoga for V Pain student