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~ Sex is a lesson plan from the Divine in how to create Life on Earth. ~

~ Sex is a lesson plan from the Divine in how to create Heaven on Earth. ~


These two sentences are the foundation of Everyday Sexy. They are the seed from which everything else grows. They highlight the fact that Everyday Sexy is about the connection between three things: Sexuality, Spirituality, and Creativity.

Sexuality is...

Sexuality is a creative lie force that flows through us.

It belongs to its person. (Sharing optional.)

It's primary purpose is to nourish the person to whom it belongs.

It is innate and with its person from birth to death.

There are healthy and unhealthy ways to express it at each age and stage of life.

We can cultivate our sexuality with the intention of nourishing ourselves and supporting our dreams, goals, and visions, our lifelong creative body of work, our legacy.

Sexual experiences are...

Sexual experiences are primarily the result of one's relationship to oneself.

Single or partnered, we can dramatically change our sexual experiences with others by changing our relationship to ourselves.

Cultivating sexuality is a learn-able skill.

Male sexual response is frequently compared to a light switch that turns on and off, while a woman's is like a fire, the coals need to be tended regularly in order for the flame to catch quickly when needed. Let the fire die completely and its much harder to re-build it from scratch.

While this analogy has merit, women are almost never told HOW to "tend to their own fires."

Everyday Sexy teaches women how to tend to their own fires.

The 7 Sisters

The 7 Sisters are the seven skills women need to have sex lives that are vibrant, authentic, and real. They are a path to feminine power. They are the keepers of the flame. 

Each sister has a lesson that applies to women's sexuality, sprituality, and creativity.

Love Making Machines

Love-Making Machines are women who are dedicated to Making Love in and out of the bedroom. They use their sexuality to nourish themselves, so that they stay strong and resilient as they use their many gifts and talents to help heal the world and create new pathways to peace, justice, health, and prosperity for all living things.

Mmmmm, yummy....

Everyday Sexy and the 7 Sisters are here to serve any woman who wishes to be a Love Making Machine.  If this approach to sexuality, spirituality, and creativity resonates with you, you're in.

At Everyday Sexy we honor and value every woman's sexual experience and journey. We recognize that the way society values/devalues an individual's sexuality is inherently intertwined with one's race, class, education, sexual orientation, gender identity and presentation, choice of clothing...the list goes on.

What unites Love Making Machines then is not shared experience necessarily, but our curiosity in how to use our sexual energy to fuel ourselves and heal the world; and our deep appreciation of each other, respect for experiences and decisions other than our own, and willingness to lift each other up.

Love Making Machines have no interest in continuing the tradition of tearing women down because of their sexual choices, circumstances, or history, or segregating women along the lines of their sexual social status.

We witness and bless each other's pain, and honor and celebrate each other's beauty, strength, growth, and victories.

All sexual experiences and backgrounds welcome.


The Everyday Sexy Mission

The mission of Everyday Sexy is to share the wisdom of The 7 Sisters to rally, educate, inspire, and support a


dedicated to strengthening each other as we create

Heaven on Earth.



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