The 7 Sisters


Welcome to The 7 Sisters.

Each sister arises from the experience of the female body.

Each one is rooted in the sexual, and has parallel lessons in spirituality and creativity. Alone, they are incomplete: as a group, they outline a path to sexual fulfillment and feminine power.





The Blessings of the Body

Time & Space




We start with Surrender.

Surrender, letting go of control, is foundational to a woman's pleasure and ability to enjoy the fullest sexual joy possible. One cannot micromanage, plan, or direct a deep, rolling, rippling orgasm: they are inherently wild creatures. Like surfers, we do not control the ocean, but we can learn how to ride the waves.

Giving up control is not the same as giving up agency, however.

The purpose of surrender is that it allows us to access benefits that only a power greater than ourselves can provide.

Surrender is inherently a vulnerable place; in order to reap its benefits, we must only surrender to a power that has our Highest Good at heart, and only in situations where surrender is the appropriate choice.

How can we tell when to surrender?





Discernment is the ability to perceive or judge with accuracy.

We need to develop our powers of discernment to identify people, situations, opportunities, and realities that serve our best interests, or not. We cannot be reliant on someone else to make this judgement for us. We cannot avoid or protect ourselves from potential bad actors if we cannot identify them; we cannot welcome blessings if we cannot recognize them when they show up.

In our love lives, Discernment is crucial to assessing potential partners, times, tools, and circumstances for our most luscious sexual expression.

How do we access our discernment?






Intuition is wisdom on demand. How delicious!

It is how we access the exact piece of information from Source, Love, the Divine, Creator, Higher Power, at the exact time we need it. It is how we open ourselves to the lived experience of feeling Life, Love, Divine Beloved supporting us and our lives.

Sexually, since we cannot micromanage physical delight, it is our all-important intuition that guides us moment by moment into our deepest pleasure.

How do we access Intuition?




The Blessings of the Body

Humans are inherently physical. The route to communicating with the Divine is the body, the completely unique miracle and mystery that we inhabit because The Beloved created it specifically for us.

There are many ways people access their intuition: seeing visions or omens, hearing sounds or voices, noticing patterns, sensing gut feelings...the list goes on. What they all have in common is that they are body-based. As intangible as intuition can seem to some, it is ultimately grounded and accessed through the tangible. 

In order to master our own personal intuitive language and capabilities, we must adore and love our bodies.

Sexually, it is foolish to think that we can make a habit of hating, dismissing, or ignoring our bodies and then expect that the same poorly treated body will be able to deliver us an orgasm when we decide its time for sex. Even if the orgasm is there within us, our habit of dismissing the body we leave us unable to discern the path to it.

How do we access the Blessings of our Bodies?


Time & Space

Our physical bodies are subject to time and space. To care for them, to execute our daily functions, from brushing our teeth to crafting a budget at work, we need to dedicate Time & Space to each specific task.

Human bodies are not built to go in a million directions at once...our nervous systems thrive on focus and presence, even and especially in situations where that focus must change rapidly (like taking care of three energetic kids at the same time, or running a busy office.)

In order to feel safe surrendering in a sexual capacity, we need to have time and space set aside - we cannot surrender to the depths of lovemaking while grocery shopping. We cannot multitask our way to orgasm.

How do we protect our sacred spaces and sacred times?


Boundaries delineate one thing from another. A healthy boundary not only protects from potential harm or the drain of engaging with the unnecessary, it also welcomes in that which is life-sustaining and life-enhancing.

Boundaries allow us, within the finite capabilities of the human body/mind, to experience the fullness of one facet of the Divine Infinite at a time. Boundaries provide safety, direction, focus, and purpose.

Boundaries show up in many ways in our sex lives - from having a safe space to enjoy our sexual pursuits, to turning our phones off on date nights, to specific sexual acts we will or will not engage in. Boundaries, sexual and otherwise, can be ever-changing: a woman may delight in one sexual act...until three minutes later, when she is no longer interested, and that sexual act is off the table.




Desire, the Seventh Sister, is the seed from which all others grow. It is the spark that sets the other Sisters in motion.

In English, we have no way to differentiate between wants that serve our Highest Good, and those that lead us astray. This is like using the same word for both up and down, or black and white. The two are completely different, and yet our linguistic oversight leads us to lump all wants together. Women especially are discouraged from pursuing our desires - we are told they are selfish, or unimportant, or sinful.

Discerning between desires that serve our Highest Good and those that lead us astray is a key skill for women. We can then avoid harmful pitfalls, and pursue that which nourishes us instead - sexually and otherwise.

Desires that serve our Highest Good are those longings we most need to listen to. These life-giving desires are frequently vague or hard to articulate, and within a cultural context that values certainty and plans such as ours, these precious desires are frequently devalued and dismissed.

A suspected etymology for the word "desire" is the Latin "de sidere," meaning "from the stars." Like stars, our desires are real and yet hard to imagine in their fullness; like stars, our desires provide us a way to navigate in the dark.

Reclaiming our sexuality means we need to reclaim our desires, and reinstate their precious mystery squarely at the center of our lives. 


This is only the briefest introduction to The 7 Sisters.

Each sister arises from the experience of the female body.

Each one is rooted in the sexual, and has parallel lessons in spirituality and creativity.

Alone, they are incomplete. 

As a group, they outline a path to sexual fulfillment and feminine power.

While this introduction is simple and short, its simplicity belies a deep complexity.

The 7 Sisters overturn so many of our American assumptions about life, the feminine, and how to make things happen. They invite us into an experience of life that is wild, luscious, and requires deep attention in lieu of obsessive planning. Follow them, and they will lead you to incredible adventures; they will show you that you are so much more than you ever thought possible.


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