Where did Everyday Sexy come from?


Hello, Gorgeous...I'm Faith Carria, and Everyday Sexy is my baby.

I received the Everyday Sexy name and The 7 Sisters as a Divine Download, and its my job to build a structure to house this work, illustrate its principals, and make them tangible for amazing women like you.

I have a practice of spiritual surrender, and this platform exists solely because I quit trying to make sense of my professional path and instead offered it all to Love. 


Why you?

I was raised in a household where, like many American households, talk of sex and sexuality were completely taboo.

In college, I was diagnosed with vulvodynia, a chronic vulvar pain disorder with no cure, which in my case was so severe it left me in constant, searing, debilitating pain.

I had a stark choice: live a tiny miserable life, struggling to make it through the day and support myself...or rise to the challenge, walk into the darkest parts of my mental, emotional and energetic bodies, and heal the un-healable. 

I chose the latter.

Along the way, I studied healing traditions from around the world, became a massage therapist, yoga teacher, energy healer, intuitive reader, pole dancer, and sex coach. The fruits of my passions are woven into this work.

Everyday Sexy is the perfect outlet for my specific constellation of gifts, skills, and interests, and it is my JOY to share them with you.


Where is Everyday Sexy going?

Today Everyday Sexy is a delicious informational website.

There is a book in the works, and plans for workbooks, audio meditations, and feminine movement videos (because if you need to exercise, why not do so in a way that trains your body to enjoy itself more?) In short, this website will someday house an entire ecosystem of learning materials to support, educate, and inspire all you Love Making Machines out there.


Would you like me to present to your group, teach a workshop, or collaborate with you? Would you like to publish my book (I'd be tickled pink!) Contact me here.


How do I fit in?

Since I can only be me, this delicious work of weaving The 7 Sisters into daily life, completely re-writing how the world conceptualizes female sexuality, and making lots of female bodies happier, juicier, and more radiant, will never be finished without YOU; your voice, your experiences, your anecdotes, your particular intersection of identity and personality and genius and sisterhood.

The world needs your feminine radiance. The world needs your juicy, sexy, awesome self. The world needs your pleasure, your body wisdom, your orgasms, your friendship, your voice, your bad-assery.

Thank you for joining the circle and adding to the story, you sexy thang.


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