Up dog, down dog...side dog? Me playing around at the Ferry Building, May 2016.

Up dog, down dog...side dog? Me playing around at the Ferry Building, May 2016.

I introduce my students to the greatest yoga teacher they will ever have:

their own bodies!

Knowing our unique anatomy - mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually - is a great tool for going through life. We can use the knowledge of our body to fully feel and release our emotions, optimize our health, and help us tune into our intuition and higher self. In my classes you are encouraged to find an attitude of gentleness and love towards your body, and an openness to hearing what it has to say. 

I intimately understand how empowering it is to tailor your yoga practice to ever-changing needs. I encourage people to explore and experiment, rather than conform to a "one-size-fits-all" shape for each posture.

I love the diversity of yoga. As a lifelong athlete, I fell in love with yoga when I discovered hot, sweaty Baptiste power yoga, then slowly made my way through the yoga world to it's polar opposite - restorative yoga. What can I say, sometimes our bodies need to pump iron and sometimes they need to rest, gently cradled by cushions and blankets. 

My teaching is influenced by previous work as a massage therapist, my study of Healing Touch (an energy therapy), intuitive healing, the interplay between the body, trauma, and emotions, and meditation. Oh yeah, and this crazy ride we call life!


Training + Continuing Education


I am an RYT-500 yoga teacher and certified Relax and Renew© yoga teacher. My "official" training was at Barefoot Movement in Oakland, CA and Yoga Tree in San Francisco, CA, but I have pursued many educational opportunities beyond that! For a detailed list, see the Education page