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  • are you a woman who cares deeply about the state of the world?
  • do you have big dreams and wild desires...but you're not sure how to make them happen?
  • (...and is your sex life fifty shades of lame?)


I help good women get great sex + awesome lives.

Isn't that just wonderful we can solve two problems at once?

It is.

Why both together? Because the root of both a nourishing sex life and a nourishing rest-of-your-life is learning to love and cultivate your feminine power. 

Sexuality, spirituality, creativity. They all go together. 

  • If you want a better sex life but the endless depressing and shallow articles and listicles on "How to Have Hot Sex" leave you cold...
  • If your beautiful sensitivity is freaking out at the state of the nation and the world...
  • If you want to learn how to feel so damn good from the inside out that even within crazy circumstances your radiance can't help but overflow and LIGHT UP THIS WORLD just as your beautiful heart desires...

...we should talk:

Can I Help You?

I can help you if you are single and want...

  • to feel confident navigating the modern dating scene.
  • to feel erotically whole with or without a partner.


I can help you if you are partnered and want...

  • to feel closer to you partner - and he/she supports your desire for a better sex life.
  • to feel sexually radiant - but your partner is unwilling or unable to do couple's work on your shared sex life. 


I can help you if you are a mother and want...

  • a sex life that supports your mothering rather than distracts from it.
  • to model the importance of love, pleasure, connection, and healthy sexuality to your children in a way that respects appropriate parent-child boundaries.


Want to learn more?